Embossed Metal Tutorial

I’ve seen this a couple of times on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try.


Step #1
You will need a piece of plywood or scrap wood or chipboard (like from your cereal box) of some kind. Those chipboard letters work for this too.

Step #2
You will want to draw some design onto your board. I can not draw a stick figure let alone anything that looks half way decent so I used a stencil.

Step #3
Go over your drawing with either hot glue (which I used) or tacky glue. Elmers doesn’t work so well for this, it flattens out too much. I like the hot glue because he dries quickly. I’m impatient. Let dry.

Step #4
Cut you foil to fit over the board. *Bonus this will sharpen your scissors!*

Step #5
Now using your glue stick glue on top of your hot glue (or tacky glue) lines. You can also add some on the inside of the lines (directly onto the chipboard). I would glue a little then push down the foil over it. Glue stick dries fast also. If you are doing a big piece it will all of dried by the time you get it all glued. So glue a little, adhere the foil; glue a little adhere the foil.

Step #6
Then flip the board over the back and glue the rest of the foil down, kind of like how your wrap a present.

Step #7
Flip back to the front and gently!!! push the foil down around the glue lines with your finger. The foil rips easily. You could also use a Q-Tip as well as your finger.

Step #8
Drip alcohol inks onto the foil and spread around with a damp paper towel. You can also add paint or shoe polish for a more rustic look.

You can find other tutorials Here and Here.



ATC Tutorial

I love making ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards). They are small, 2.5″ x 3.5″, and easy and made using old playing cards. I made these for a great cause; Girls Love Mail It’s a program where you write a little note or make a small piece of art and send it to this group. They then distribute it to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. I only hope that my little ATC’s can give someone a little amount of comfort during what is probably the most terrible time of their lives.

Ok onto a little tutorial.

Playing cards…check
I just painted these over with white paint. You can use Gesso…but I just used some old white wall paint I had left over. Gesso’s is great, but expensive! lol

I glued some old book pages onto the painted cards. LIke Gesso…Modge Podge is expensive so I use this recipie (click on the how to make decoupage link) to make my own. I know, at first I had a hard time ripping up old books. I love books. But I found this book very cheap at a local antique/junk shop. It most likely would be thrown away or recycled anyway. So it’s just my way of recycling. 😉 You could also use old maps or phone book pages.

I then started adding layers of paint. I used a swirl stencil with spray mist and a heart stencil with blue paint. I also used a poka-dot stamp. Just add as many layers as you want. I can get in a bit of trouble because I just keep adding and adding. I have hard time of knowing when to stop! I also used a stamp pad to ink the edges.

I stenciled the word Faith on it and outlined it with black marker. Added some ribbon and a button.

These are also a good way to get the creative juices flowing.

Dusting off ye’ ol’ blog

So yeah, its been a while. But Christmas was crazy. Fun but crazy. I wanted to share my latest pictures of the boys’. Okay so maybe I took them in October. Dont judge! lol

It was such a pretty fall day.
Everytime I turn around he’s grown another inch (and is now taller than me-by a millimeter)
My fair-skinned boy. Makes it hard to edit the saturation on his pictures because he’s so pale! But still very adorable.
I had to get this one enlarged.
a copy
And finally 🙂

I love photoshop! Partial color effect tutorial.

I know alot of photographers are against any digital manipulation of the photographs they take. I, however, am not one of them! I love Photoshop. I use Photoshop Elements 10. I think its pretty user-friendly. I’m not a read-the-instructions type (yes, I know shocker for those who know me). I just click this or that and see what happens. Thats how I came across this technique. I knew it could be done but wasnt sure how.

Open your picture. Choose the Quick Selection Tool. Click on whatever part of the photo you wanted saved in color. This will take a few clicks to get the whole area you want selected. Right click on the area you selected with your Quick Selection Tool. Choose Select Inverse. Go over to the Guide on the right side of the screen. Click Quick (guide). Go down to Saturation. Drage the curser all the way over to the left so they photo turns black and white. Thats it. Pretty easy after a little practice.

This is what you end up with…
Those eyes!

IMG_3099 copybw
Make momma and daugther pop out.

Love her eye color.

Little Lena. 🙂


And finally, my dumb-as-rocks dog. But isnt he cute??

I love fall…

I really do…but I hate that winter follows it. :-/ Why can’t we just go back into summer after fall??
a copy
 Sweatshirt and hot cider weather…
Being able to play outside without sweating!
 You can’t get colors like this just anywhere…
And oh, when did my little boy turn into a teenager??

Joe, Katie and Lena

These pictues are of Joe, Katie and their adorable little girl, Lena. Lena will become a big sister when her little sister is born in October. They are one of the most kind, adorable little families I’ve ever met. Joe also happens to be Dylans teacher. 🙂
Couldnt you just put her in your pocket and take her home??
Beautifully pregnant.
Lena wasnt scared of anything, the snake Dylan caught or the spiderweb.
Thanks Greekfes’ for letting me take your pictures! I hope you love them. 🙂