Guest Designer and a Birthday

Its time for my 2nd post for the month of May as guest designer! I deicded to do a mixed media tag. I used The Rubber Cafe’s¬†Shore Birds Stamp and their Grass With Flowers Stamp. Lots of fun went into this cute tag. ūüôā




On Sunday my baby turned 9! Where does time go? I just dont know. I think he really thinks hes going to grow up to be a cowboy though. ūüėČ I just love his serious cowboy face.



May at the Rubber Cafe!

Yay! I’m so excited to be able to be May’s guest designer for The Rubber Cafe! They have such great products and stamps. I want them all!

So let’s get right into it…

For this project I used:
 Lace Butterfly Stamp
 Your So Fine Glitter
Scrap Happy Glue

¬†1. I used just a piece of wood. Theres nothing fancy about it. I just got it from Menards. Anything will work for this….esp chipboard.
2. I gave it a coat of Gesso.
3. I then painted it with a mixture of yellow and orange paint mixed with a little water. Easy peasy. ūüėȬ†

 This is the part where I start layering on paint, text and more paint.


4. I always love adding text to my projects. I use an old book I found at a junk shop for like a dollar. For this to work you must use text/picture that was printed out using a toner based printer. This was an older book and older books were all printed using something like toner. If you and unsure if this will work just do a sample on another piece of paper. 
5. To do this I use a Gel Medium (doesn’t have to be gloss, I just acciently bought gloss).
I paint the Gel Medium onto the side of the book page I want to use. Remember the text will¬† show up backwards. After glueing the paper down the Gel Medium and rub the back of the paper. Lifting the edge to check my progress. If you leave it on to long it will just act like glue and stick the whole thing down. You don’t want this. You will just want the text to be showing. Some of the background paper will come off but if you just rub it with your finger it will come off.
6. This is the desired effect. Yay!
7. Here I added a zig-zag stencil using white gesso.


8. I took my lace butterfly stamp, stamped it onto this bright yellow cardstock.
9. Cut out around it.
10. and 11. I glued it down using this kick butt glue! I think I am going to have to get the
Big Girl size!

¬†I thought it needed a bit more…

12. and 13. I used that wonderful glue and just painted on a few swirls.
14. I¬†used a stencil to add dots. Dont forget to wash out your stencil after using glue! Not that I ever have done that…I havent!
15. Add glitter!

*The point of this is not to copy it step by step. The point is to just try something different for yourself. You dont¬†need to do this¬†for¬†someone else. Who cares if it’s not¬†perfect.¬†Who cares if you have¬†laundry to do or your house needs dusting. You are important too! You need to make time to do something fun for yourself! The laundry will be there when you get to it. So will the dusting. ūüėȬ†Slap some paint on a scrap piece¬†of wood or piece¬†of cardboard you cut from a box!¬† Just keep adding till you get something you like! Just do it. Good luck!*



I was finally able to get to take pictures of this little girl after about a year of meaning to. Last week we were finally able to do it. lol

Shes so adorable and funny¬†and full of energy. I was tired afterward! It’s true that you do forget how much energy 2 year olds can have.

Those blue eyes…

Little ballerina



I just love the bible verse. So fitting for little girls (and women). 1 Peter 3:3-4

Yep, its still winter in Michigan.

In case you were wondering. This is Michigan and winter can drag on and on. May as well accept it for what it is. Even if you don’t wanna! Something about accepting the things you can not change..blahblahblah As I look out the window and see it still snowing….

We took the boys sledding a few weeks ago…they had a blast and I stood back and wondered who was going to get hurt first? My baby, my oldest or my husband who sometimes has the maturity of a 10 year old. But luckily no one got hurt and everyone had fun. ūüôā






And a few from a snow storm we got a few weeks ago. The snow is at least pretty and if I moved to a state with no snow I would probably miss it. Note to Mother Nature: Almost 70 inches in a few months times in bit excessive.