I love photoshop! Partial color effect tutorial.

I know alot of photographers are against any digital manipulation of the photographs they take. I, however, am not one of them! I love Photoshop. I use Photoshop Elements 10. I think its pretty user-friendly. I’m not a read-the-instructions type (yes, I know shocker for those who know me). I just click this or that and see what happens. Thats how I came across this technique. I knew it could be done but wasnt sure how.

Open your picture. Choose the Quick Selection Tool. Click on whatever part of the photo you wanted saved in color. This will take a few clicks to get the whole area you want selected. Right click on the area you selected with your Quick Selection Tool. Choose Select Inverse. Go over to the Guide on the right side of the screen. Click Quick (guide). Go down to Saturation. Drage the curser all the way over to the left so they photo turns black and white. Thats it. Pretty easy after a little practice.

This is what you end up with…
Those eyes!

IMG_3099 copybw
Make momma and daugther pop out.

Love her eye color.

Little Lena. 🙂


And finally, my dumb-as-rocks dog. But isnt he cute??